not so shallow

by loveisheavenly

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released August 18, 2013



all rights reserved


loveisheavenly Florida

the end

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Track Name: wynnwood ave
i wanted you to know
that i could make you pancakes
in the morning.

but honestly
i couldnt leave the bed.
it was hard to move
when you were next to me,
your hands on my head,
you were in my head.

i wanted you to know
that i couldnt take my eyes off you
in the doorway.

i watched you walk away
your bag in hand
making your way down the staircase

i held it back,
i forced it down my throat
it wasn't time.
for that was limited,
but at least your mine.
the goodbyes are bad,
and the "see you next times"
but at least this time around
you're all mine.
Track Name: moonboy
some people ask me how i do this with you
when you’re 200 miles away, and im stuck at home with nothing to do
and i tell them, by the end of the night
that it’s everything ive ever hoped for its worth it, you’re worth it.
you’re the love of my life.

and im still not sure if that means
spending countless nights alone in bed
just dreaming of what we couldve been
but i know one thing that is for sure:
and thats that you’re the little pig, i’ve been searching for.
Track Name: not it
i tried you on for size
and there were times
i wasnt so sure about
it all.

from day one i knew
that you'd be the
perfect fit.

i knew i'd smooth the edges out
and dust away the ticks.
i knew you'd mean the world to me
from the moment you said
"one to three, not it"
with that stupid grin.
and i miss that grin.

and a year has passed
so much has passed
since one two three,
but you and me are here.

and you're still it.
you were always it.
the perfect fit.